The best 10 things to do in Meteora

  • Visit the monasteries:

The holy building on the top of the amazing rocks of Meteora are waiting for you to come and feel the tranquility that they provoke!

  • Hiking:

Walk under the “immortal” rocks of Meteora. Discover hidden paths and create your own way into the rocky forest of the most amazing and unique place in the world Meteora!

  • Climbing:

Follow carefully the instructions of an experienced local licensed climber and the rock will be yours!!!

  • Ride a Bike:

You may cannot rent happiness but you surely can rent a bike and that is pretty close when the road goes to Meteora !!

  • Badovas’ Monastery:

Visit the ascetic caves of the monastery of Badovas. The monastery which is not on the top of the rock but lays with its cells into one of the most imposing rock of Meteora.

  • Sunset:

Play hide and seek with the sun of Meteora !!! Let the breathtaking view take away every worry and enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets, on the top of the rocks!!

  • Visit the church of Panagia:

See one of the most unique churches which, after all, is located on the ruins of an ancient Greek temple.

  • Art of photography:

If you are a fun of photography you will find the best inspiration and places to photo shoot in Meteora. This rock miracle of earth in combination with the colors of nature will give you for sure the best result!!!

  • Try local products:

Local Honey, wine and traditional deserts, straight from the wild forests of Meteora will for sure satisfy even the most tough gourmets.

  • Walk in the city center:

Meteora is a live link between Byzantine empire and modern life! You will feel right after a short walk in the city center of Kalampaka, the city that lays quietly in the feet of the rocks!